Basic Processing for Deer and Elk incudes:  

  Backstraps/ Loin: Butterflied or tenderized and vacuum packed.

    Round: Left whole for roast, cut into steaks, or tenderized.
    Sirloin Tip: Left whole for roast, cut into steaks, or tenderized.     

*All trimmings will be ground into 80/20 burger or chili meat, with beef fat included in the basic cost*

Basic Processing Cost: 

Deer: $85
Elk : $200 and up.
Feral Hogs: $110

 Basic Processing for Feral Hogs includes:

 Loin can be cut into butterflied Chops or tenderized  cutlets.

 *All trimmings will be ground into ground pork, Hot or Mild Breakfast Sausage, and will be included in the cost of basic processing*   


Your order can be customized by adding on any of the following items:

  2lb Mild Breakfast Sausage ___________ $4.00 each 

  2lb Hot Breakfast Sausage ____________$4.00 each 

  2lb Reg Smoked Sausage ____________ $6.00 each 

  2lb Jalapeno/Cheese Smoked Sausage __$8.00 each

  2lb Jalapeno/Cheese Summer Sausage__ $8.00 each

  1lb Pappy Slokum Bratwurst __________  $ 4.00 each 

  1lb Italian Sausage __________________ $ 4.00 each 

  1lb Chorizo ________________________ $4.00 each 

  1lb Bacon Burger Blend  ______________$4.00 each 

  1lb Bacon Jalapeno Burger Blend ______ $4.00 each 

  1 Doz Tamales ______________________$15 each 

  6oz Peppered Jerky __________________$9.00 each 

  6oz Snack Sticks ____________________$8.00 each​