Every animal at James Wild Game Processing is custom processed and packaged for each, individual customer.

 We vacuum package your steaks to ensure a long shelf life, helping you enjoy your wild game year-round.

  All ground meats, including ground venison, chili meat, and breakfast sausage, are packaged in 2 lb tubes to keep light and air out. 

We make a large selection of custom sausages that include:

  - Hot or Mild breakfast sausage.
  - Regular and/or jalapeno & cheese German-           style smoked link sausage.
  - Chorizo
  - Italian Sausage
  - Pappy Slokum Bratwursts
  - Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage

We also offer:
  - Jerky
  - Snack Sticks
  - Tamales 
  - Bacon or Bacon and Jalapeno Hamburger             Blend