All steaks are vacumn packed while ground meats, such as ground vinison or chili grind, are packaged in 2 lb tubes.  We make a selection of sausages that include:  Regular and hot breakfast sausage, regular smoked as well as jalapeno and cheese smoked, this is sold in 2 lb vacumn pack packages.  We can make your jerky or cut the meat for you to make your own.  One of our customers favorites is our jalapeno, cheese summer sausage!  This year we are adding tamales, hamburger patties as well as bacon/jalapeno patties for our customers! Check our prices below.

James Wildgame
Price List

Deer          $80.00       (All) Break Saus $1.50LB
Quartered  $70.00       Smoked Saus    $3.00LB
Elk           $200.00       Smoked Jal/Ch  $4.00LB
Hog           $90.00       Summer Saus $8.00 2LB
Quartered  $80.00       Jerky (wet)        $9.00LB
Gutting      $35.00       Tamales         $12.00Doz
Capeing     $35.00       HB Patty            $2.00LB
Chorizo     $ 3.50LB    Bac/Jal Patty     $3.00LB
Snack Stick $8.00